"Neighborhood Kennel" 30"x48"

Cliff Bull, a native of upstate New York, now resides and owns a studio in Rochester, NY. Cliff graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a Masters in Fine Arts. He majored in graphic design communications and minored in painting. Cliff is best known for his abstract expressionistic style of work. His paintings incorporate fast, thick brush strokes and vibrant colors. Cliff prefers to work in recognizable objects, mostly figurative and animals.

In the summer of 2001, Cliff lost his dog of seventeen years, Adrianne. In coping with the loss of his animal, Cliff used artwork to express his feelings, creating a portrait of Adrianne. The positive feedback received from this piece pushed Cliff down a new path-creating expressive pastel pet portraits might pull him away from his painting, but the new work has enhanced his overall direction.

"I'm not sure which is exciting me more....doing the pet images, or hearing the response to the finished art".